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20131225오늘의양식요약 In the Czech Republic and other places, the Christmas celebration includes “Christingles.” A Christingle is an orange, representing the world, with a candle placed in the top of it to symbolize Christ the light of the world. A red ribbon encircles the orange, symbolizing the blood of Jesus. Four […]



20131224오늘의양식요약 Two thousand years ago, an angel told the shepherds a baby had been born: “Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people”. Christ the Lord, the Savior of the world, was born! Heaven’s choir came down to sing when heaven’s King came […]


20131223 오늘의양식요약

20131223 오늘의양식요약 Immanuel literally means “God with us”. Just as Jesus came to bring the presence of God into our world, so too we are called to bring His presence into our world(John 20:21). This Christmas, we can give the gift of God’s likeness through us. When our lives reflect […]


20131222 오늘의양식요약

20131222 오늘의양식요약 The birth of Christ is the answer to our most fervent prayers for love and forgiveness. Can you feel the wonder? Lord, restore to me the wonder of Christmas, felt most keenly when I first met Jesus. I long to tell the story with all the joy it […]


20131221 오늘의양식요약

20131221 오늘의양식요약 Rembrandt’s painting The Adoration of the Shepherds portrays the darkened stable in Bethlehem where two shepherds kneel beside the manger while other people stand farther away. Each person may see a different story in Rembrandt’s painting, but perhaps each of us is represented somewhere in that stable. Are […]


20131220 오늘의양식요약

20131220 오늘의양식요약 In the medieval world, farmers would care for their crops until an enemy appeared on the horizon. Then they would flee with their families to their fortified city for protection from the marauders. We all face threats at times that make us want to run for cover. Some […]


20131219 오늘의양식요약

20131219 오늘의양식요약 Handel’s Messiah soars with adoration for the Son who came to us in human flesh that first Christmas. In Luke 1, the angelic messenger appeared to Mary and identified the Christ-child in four ways. He would be the son of Mary, making Him fully human. He would be […]


20131218 오늘의양식요약

20131218 오늘의양식요약 We know that “all empty” feeling. It is an emptiness that friendship, love, sex, money, power, popularity, or success can never assuage-a longing for something indefinable, something incalculably precious but lost. We were made for God, and in the end, nothing less will satisfy us. Without Him, we […]


피곤한 자에게는 능력을 주시며

피곤한 자에게는 능력을 주시며 무능한 자에게는 힘을 더하시나니, 소년이라도 피곤하며 곤비하며 장정이라도 넘어지며 자빠지되 오직 여호와를 앙망하는 자는 새 힘을 얻으리니 독수리의 날개치며 올라감 같을 것이요 달음박질하여도 곤비치 아니하겠고 걸어가도 피곤치 아니하리로다.   (이사야 40:29-31)     He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. […]


20131217 오늘의양식요약

20131217 오늘의양식요약 God calls each of us to different paths of service, and some paths are bumpy. Many believers have had their hearts captured by Christ and think that abandoning “essential” comforts and conveniences is a small thing to do to honor Him who loves us. They need our support. […]