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20140106 오늘의양식요약

20140106 오늘의양식요약 New writers are often advised to visualize one person they are writing to as a way of staying focused. I do this when I write devotionals; I try to keep readers in mind because I want to say something they will want to read and that will help […]



20140105오늘의양식요약 When we were first dating, my wife, Marlene told me that at 6 months old she had been adopted. When I asked her if she ever wondered about who her real parents were, she responded, “My mom and dad could have selected any of a number of other babies […]



20140104오늘의양식요약 Sometimes in life’s battles we can feel as if we are losing on every front. Family discord, business setbacks, financial woes, or a decline in health can put a pessimistic spin on the way we look at life. But the believer in Christ can always find a way to […]


적은 행복, 큰 감사

“걸을 수만 있다면 더 큰 복은 바라지 않겠습니다. 누군가는 지금 그렇게 기도를 합니다.   설 수만 있다면 더 큰 복은바라지 않겠습니다. 누군가는 지금 그렇게 기도를 합니다.   들을 수만 있다면 더 큰 복은 바라지 않겠습니다. 누군가는 지금 그렇게 기도를 합니다.   말할 수만 있다면 더 큰 복은 바라지 않겠습니다. 누군가는 […]



20140103오늘의양식요약 Many of us make promises to ourselves to mark the beginning of a new year. We begin the year with good intentions, but slip up occasionally, then all the time. Instead of choosing our own self-improvement goals, a better approach might be to ask ourselves: “What does the Lord […]



20140101오늘의양식요약 January, according to many US calendars, is National Thank You Month. We could spend the whole month learning about gratitude from Psalm 136. As we think through these pictures of creation and deliverance found in Psalm 136, we can easily find something to thank God for every day of […]



20131231오늘의양식요약 It is not our grip on God that keeps us safe, but the power of Jesus’ grasp. We are doubly safe. Our Father on one side and our Lord and Savior on the other clasp us in a viselike grip. These are the hands that shaped the mountains and […]


20131228 오늘의양식요약

20131228 오늘의양식요약 Not only does My wife, Martie know how to prepare a meal, but she is also a master at the presentation. But the food was not so attractive before she got her hands on it. It reminds me of the gracious work Jesus has done for me. I […]



20131227오늘의양식요약 We may face some limiting circumstance today. Whether it is the result of our failure, or through no fault of our own, we can go through it or seek God’s strength to grow through it. The challenge of every confinement is to increase rather than decrease; to grow and […]



20131226오늘의양식요약 After 20 children and 6 staff members were murdered in a Connecticut school. From Chicago came dogs-specially trained golden retrievers that offered nothing except affection. Dogs don’t speak and simply offer their presence to the survivors. Children traumatized by the violence opened up to them, expressing fears and emotions […]