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이제껏 온갖 근육통에 시달리면서도, 이런 꿀팁을 모르고 있었다니!

Three Things

3 things in life that never come back when gone:



3 things in life that should never be lost:



3 things in life that are most valuable:



3 things that make a person:



3 things that can destroy a person:



3 things in life that are constant:



3 people who love you and who will never leave you alone:

 – The Father

 – The Son

 – The Holy Spirit
I asked God for these three things:

 – To bless you

 – To guide you

 – To ALWAYS protect 

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모닝커피에 이 재료들을 타서 마시면 일주일 후 이렇게 변한다. 세상에 이럴 수가.